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4x CMX256A-3200LL v1.2 Best settings ???

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Hi 1st time write on this forum.


i have 4x CMX256A-3200LL (2-3-2-6 @200mhz) on a Gigabyte GA7-NNXP with a Batron XP 2800+ Processor and when i do some benchmark with Everest (Last version) some poeple even with worst configuration surpasses me.


So i changed some settings about memory in my bios. I tried turbo settings 2-2-2-5 but my computer restart sometimes. So, my ram settings are now 2-3-2-6 @ 166mhz because if i put it to 200mhz, everest sais that a have Dual Channel PC2100 DDRAM.


So i want to know what are the best settings with my system or what type of corsair memory i have to buy to get optimal result with my PC.





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