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CUE 2.0 Problems

Matthew Dwight

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I just updated to CUE 2.0 because I was having problems with the older version not opening and loading my profiles. But upon updating there seem to be numerous bugs and missing features that should be there.


The first and biggest is in the keyboard section of CUE, I have options for lighting but the keyboard doesn't seem to be appearing to select different keys as seen in both images.


The second is definitely a bug where the lighting effect only works if I have it selected in the library. Even with it turned on in the effects page, it doesn't work.


Lighting doesn't work


Lighting on but only when selected


Something to note, the lighting effects work fine in simple mode but advanced mode doesn't work very well. The keyboard doesn't show up at all in both. The mouse and headset also appear where the keyboard should be.


Here's the mouse page for reference


I could be doing this completely wrong but don't know for sure as I am still a noob at CUE 2.0. Any and all help is greatly appreciated. :biggrin:

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