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VOID wireless - Sounds mutes, then goes REALLY loud, then normal after loud sounds


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I've recently bought the VOID Wireless for the 7.1 surround which is amazing!


The only thing that bothers me is that for some games (PUBG is where I've noticed it the most) when there's a "loud sound" out of nowhere (like me shooting an AKM), all the audio mutes for a second and then gradually gets loud.... like REALLY loud, but once it peaks everything goes back to normal.


I've never had this happen with any other headset, but I'm guess it has something to do with balancing all the audio levels since this is "Dolby Digital 7.1"


Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

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Hi Kenny,


I have had many difficulties with the void, but not one like yours. What you could try is right clicking the sound icon on your bar. Go to your sound devices, right click your void and select properties. Go to advanced and uncheck the upper box. I don't think it can make a difference. But you'll never know!

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