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[HELP]Wireless Void low volume on PUBG[HELP]


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Good day everyone just want to address my issue with my corsair void wireless.


A few hours in game headphones was working properly, i can even here footsteps from the house beside the one I'm in. but all of a sudden i notice when I'm in the loading area the one you can run around and shot people, i cant barely hear if someone is running or walking beside me.



things I've tried doing.

tried rolling back my drivers.

uninstalling the drivers & restarting

tried changing my default format from the advanced tab but its grayed and stuck at (8 channel, 16 bit, 48000Hz) i can only click the test button.



CUE version = 2.15.83

FW version for both dongle and headset = 39.02



Thanks in advance!!

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When did the issue start happening? After a CUE update, game, or Windows update etc.

Does it temporarily fix itself after a game/Windows restart?



it happened after a CUE update, BTW I fixed it by uninstalling - installing CUE multiple time.

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Apologies for posting this,

But to follow up til this day, I still can't hear any footsteps at all.


I have set it back to stereo/7.1 adjusted the audio settings in pubg, but nothing helps....


My friends had other headsets at values lower than mine, and they could hear footsteps from quite a distance.



Any solutions for this?

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