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Corsair one pro monitor options


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Im trying to decide which ultrawide monitor for the corsair one


Im deciding in between the lg 38uc99-w at $1,600 or the dell u3818dw at $880.


Are they the same monitor with same panel?


Or is there such a quality differnce between the 2 to warrant 2x the price?




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You want to research refresh rate before purchasing.


Once you try one of the faster refresh rate monitor's, you will never want to go back to a 60 hz monitor.


I purchased the following based on advice from this forum.




ASUS ROG SWIFT PG279Q 27" 2560x1440 IPS 165Hz 4ms G-SYNC Eye Care Gaming Monitor with DP and HDMI ports

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I am using the unusual option of running a HP Z1G2 workstation as a monitor so I can switch between gaming and photowork without taking up too much desk space.

Even with my original Corsair One Pro i feel that 1440P is the right resolution to run games maxed out. Its not an option for everyone but it works great for me. I would love one of the new wide screen high res curved monitors but then I would need a new desk.

One month of intensive Fallout 4 and Doom and no issues with my Corsair One Pro, best computer I have owned since my first 486 SX25 in 1993

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