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New Version CUE broke mic


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Hello new to forums. Hope im in the right place and i get some help. Sooo i recently downloaded the new version of CUE and once that happen i notice and found out that i sound demonic like darth vader in only steam games but i sound fine on discord and teamspeak 3. So when i try to uninstall and go to a previous version. Once thats final and the old verison of CUE is installed my sound doesnt work nor does my mic. So does that mean i always have to have the lastest version of CUE. But once i uninstall the older version of CUE and go back to lastest version of CUE my mic works and headphones work for sound but i cant use voip in any steam game period. It sucks please help.
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Welcome to the forums,


A few things:


what mother board are you using? (make/model)

what USB headset are you using? (make/model)


have you loaded the latest motherboard firmware and drivers?

have you loaded the latest drivers for your USB headset?



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