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Grinding noise from cm450x PSU


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Good morning,


I recently built myself a ryzen 1600 build, however last night my psu has begun to make a horrible grinding noise.


See video below





Is there anything i can do to fix this or does it need RMA'd



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Hello there!


Is there anything touching the PSU fan? It sounds like a cable somehow got passed the grill and is now touching the fan. If you can confirm that the fan is clear of any obstructions, head on over to our support site and have a chat with one of our agents!


Please let us know what you find and good luck to you.

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No cables in the area of the grill, however i tried flipping the psu so the fan is now facing up and it seems to have stop any noise from psu. Will keep you updated if noise returns.


I have exactly the same noise on my cx650m. But is it safe to flip the fan? May the inside of the PSU absorb more dust if so?

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