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System and Application Crashes under load


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Just purchased a

MSI P880 NEO FSR Motherboard

P4 3.0e Processor

VS512MB400 Memory

350W PSU

I have updated the BIOS to Version 1.9

I installed WIN2K all MOBO drivers,most Updates like SP4 ...

Here is my problem. Windows runs fine until I start applications like Winamp or Windows Media PLayer. Either they crash after running or the whole machine crashes. Most times the bluescreen shows some


Any way I testet the memory with memtest-86 and got tons of errors (more than a 1000). As well with the M$ Memtest tool.

Now I am wondering if all of the crashes may be caused by a faulty memory stick or wrong memory settings or Motherboard.

All BIOS settings are set as default.


Besides the new suff I also have a

Nivdia TNT2 32MB

Realtec NIC 8029

DVD Burner Microadwantage

CD Burner

80GB Seagate HDD



Thanks for any replies.



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