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Bad module..


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I purchased a pack of TwinX-1024-3200C2 about a month ago. Just recenly my computer started having stability issues. First thing i do is pop in memtest86, it starts erroring. Since there's two sticks, i run the full test on them both. One stick passes and the other one fails with many errors.


My system config is as follows:


AMD64 3500+ 90NM never overclocked - stock speeds

1GB Corsair XMS-3200 never overclocked default voltage - 200MHz 2.5-3-3-7 (read somewhere that on AMD64's, the last number should be bumped up a notch)


Since its a twin pack, do i send them both in for RMA or just the bad module?


I was going to submit an RMA, but as the form states, i need a post# or ticket#.


So here's my post. :)



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