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memtest86 fails my memory module


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I have a Value Select VS512MB400 memory module - lot no. 0450110-0 that has failed the memtest86 tests at the 113.6Mb area in address 0x0719a274. The computer also occasionally exhibits hard lock-ups and 'machine check exception' stop errors as well. Changing memory timing settings or voltage values seems to be of no help. Moving the module from DIMM_B1 to DIMM_B2 on the motherboard doesn't fix the problem, either. So I wish to RMA the module at this time.


System specs:

Asus A8V Deluxe revision 2 - with BIOS revision at 1009.007

AMD Athlon64 3500+ NewCastle processor @ 2.2GHz

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  • Corsair Employees

You should have a reply with in 24 hours excluding holidays and weekends.

Please either call them at 888-222-4346 Dial "0" that will take you right to Customer Service. Or you can send us a email with a copy of the form or all of your info name address and phone# and the Module part# and copy the link to this post and email it to Rma@corsairmemory.com.

If after 1 day or 24 hours excluding weekends you do not get the rma please email the same to warranty@corsairmemory.com and we will help to resolve it.

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