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Replacing H105 with H115i, same bracket?


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Hey everyone, bought a PC which came with a H105. Its emitting a rather annoying buzzing noise.


The PC has an i5 7600k. I am contemplating getting an I7 7700k and at the same time a H115i.


Is the mounting bracket the same? I really dont want to have to remove the MOBO etc from the case to fit the new cooler.


Thanks for any help!

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Hello there!


Most modern cases have a cut-out in the motherboard tray that will give you easy access to the rear. This allows you to replace the cooler bracket / backplate without having to remove the motherboard from the case.


Which case do you own?


To answer your original question, yes the back plate is the same.

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Hey thanks for the reply, i own an NZXT H440.


I bought the PC from a friend so i cannot send back the H105 which is why im thinking of just buying a new one.


Can you tell me if its normal for the Pump to Emit a buzzing noise? Its quite load and very annoying. I have the pump plugged into the PUMP_1 header on the Mobo.



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