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problem with vs512m400


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Hi. I got the same Probs when i play a game (hl2) my system crashes. even if i run aquamark 3 it crashes. i tryed everything and nothing worked. if i set the memory voltage to 2.8V it crashes the system.


if anyone kann help me thanks


it is not the grafikkart, because i tested it in another system!


my config is:


MSI K8T Neo 2 FIR S939

AMD 64 bit 3200+

2x Corsair VS512MB 400 Dual Channel

Maxtor SATA 80 Gb

Samsung IDE 60 GB

Asus Radeon 9600 XT AGP 8x


thing that should be ok


the ram is at 2,5 3 3 8 and 200MHz 2,7V

fsb is 200MHz

real cpu speed is 2000MHz at ration of 10x





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