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Quick Macro Help With CUE Software

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Hello, Corsair Forums!


I have a quick question I was hoping one could help me find a solution to.


I've just started using CUE. It's been a little complicated for me but the more I use it the more I've learned.


I've started to set up macros and LOVE what you can do with them. Which brings me to my main question.


I've set up a macro to simply move my mouse and click a certain spot on the screen. I've gotten this to work perfectly. My problem is. I can't figure out how to set the macro to always send the mouse back to where ever it was prior to the using the macro.


I know you can do this with something like AHK. But this isn't AHK. So I was wondering how I could go about doing this? Or is it not possible within CUE software?

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Hm, well that definitely still seems like a viable option.


I just wonder how i'd be able to get it to click where I want the go back to its location where it began when using relative.


Or will relative cords click the initial spot needed then go back to the area provided?

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Using relative coordinates, just look at the moves you want to reverse, totalling the changes in X and the changes in Y separately. To go back to the start position, do a relative move changing the sign of the changes in X and changes and Y.


For example:

Move (+1, +3)

Move (-1, +5)

Move (+4, -2)


To go back to start,

Move (-4, -6)

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