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Space bar not silent


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Hi folks!


Bought the Corsair Strafe RGB and im pretty happy with it. One thing that seem wrong is that all buttons are silent (as silent as mechanical buttons get at least) but my space bar has a loud metallic klick/klank when pressed. Especially when pressed in the middle or on the left side. The right side is silent. Was hoping for this amount of money that these things were quality controlled. The shop had only one of these in stock so i cant exchange it for a new (which they always do normally). Not sure if the space bar should sound more but doesnt seem logical. It seems the sound comes from the side(s) and not the cherry switch. The space bar is sitting in the cherry switch but also in two sockets on the sides, and i guess its those that make the sound or if its inside the space bar itself due to the side connectors. Any ideas? Maybe i just need a new space bar button?


Last thing is just a design tips. The space bar itself and its shape. If you have it put in "as designed" then your thumb rests on the lower hard edge of it... Bad design. When you take it off and turn it 180 degrees and put it back your thumb actually rests on the whole surface of the space bar instead of the lower hard edge that sticks up in the air since the space bar surface leans into the keyboard with the lower edge of it is sticking up. If you havent changed this for newer keyboards i suggest that as a better design. Of course now i dont get the light coming through the little slit, but comfort comes before lights.


Made a crude picture about it:



Thank you.

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