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Asus X99 - Vengeance isn't being recognized


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I decided to update my RAM to 32G but can't seem to get it to work.


Current Motherboard:



Old Memory:



New Memory:



- When I input the new ram into the old slots the fans/lights/etc all come on, but nothing on the screen will load

- I tried multiple configurations:

* A1,B1

* A1,B1,C1,D2

* A2,B2

* A2,A1

* A2,B2,C2,D2

* and several others

- The old ram seems to work just fine when I plug it back in

- I also checked the seating of the sticks and they seem to be securely in place


I have no other ideas on what to try. Any help would really appreciated!

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If you can't get it to post straight out of the box and clearing CMOS does not work, I would send the memory back before your return window expires. The Vengeance LED sticks came out long after our Asus X99 original boards did. It's not on the QVL and that is often where the door shuts in your face.


I was hoping someone with Vengeance LED and a Asus X99 would post and confirm/deny the RAM works with their board, but obviously not yet. 16 to 32GB can be a big step on the first generation X99 boards and HW-E. You can run just about any 16GB kit at 3200 without difficulty. When you go for 4 x 8GB things get trickier. It got much better with later BIOS versions, so make sure you are at least on one of the more recent packages.

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Recently installed CMR32GX4M4C3000C15 Vengeance RGB kit into my X99 system and once stable is now working in XMP.


After a quick bit of fiddling last night was pleasantly surprised to find that MSI mystic light will control the colour aspect of this ram.





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