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K70 rgb keycaps


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I have bought a Corsair K70 RGB (cherry mx brown switches) 3 weeks ago and am very happy with it. However, somehow my "+" key cap looks damaged. I have only noticed it now as I was cleaning it. The thing is, in these 3 weeks that I've had the keyboard, I have rarely used the "+" key. So that, in combination with me being very careful with it to begin with, makes me confident that the"+" key cap came damaged out of the box, as only the "+" key that I never really use is damaged, and all the other key caps are fine still.

So the question is: Does the Original K65/K70/K95 Gothic Font Key Cap Set work for a Corsair K70 RGB? Also is there any way to get a single key cap (the "+" key)? Or do I have to purchase the entire set?

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