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H100iGTX fan is constantly running at 2700rpm


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Hey guys,


New here. Hello!


I am trying to figure out why my H100iGTX fan is constantly running at 2700rpm and the Pump is always running at 1980 rpm. This is happening when the computer is sitting idle not doing anything.


I have it set to quiet mode.


Is there anything I should be looking into to bring the rpm down?


I have attached a screenshot of cosair link.


Thank you!


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Your coolant temperature (H100i GTX Temp) is over 40C. That is the default 100% fan speed line on all the Corsair preset curves. There is nothing particularly special about this point, but if your coolant temp starts out around 25C (as it would in a 20C room), the +15C rise to 40C is a lot of CPU only heat. The question of the moment is whether or not it's Summer and things are just hot to start or if there is a problem.


When you first wake the PC from sleep or cold boot, what is the H100i GTX Temp. It should start around your room temperature and then go up pretty quickly to +4-7C over that. Then it should stop. A coolant temp that continues to slowly climb is a sign of concern.


Your core idle temps are currently in the 40's. They can't be any lower since the coolant temp is also in the low 40's. The coolant temp is more or less the lowest possible CPU temp. Is it normal for your cores to idle this high?


Was this screen shot taken after gaming? A Ti card is going to make some heat. This in turn raises the entire case temp and everything in it, including the cooling system. Compare the coolant temp to other measures, like the motherboard temp sensor or drive temps. Some of the Link temps sensors are a bit strange, but it looks like your case is not overly warm - somewhere in the mid 30's. Room temperature is the basis for all, so you are going to be hot in hot room.

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@c-attack Huge thanks for your time and reply.


Ok so first thing I did was to test this out in the morning it was 22C in my room.


I have attached 2 screenshots. 1st Screeshot is 1 minute after boot 2nd Screeshot is 3 Minutes after boot


Screen shot 1. 1 minute boot mark. As you can see the Cores are running 85C to 61C, H100iGTX is 38C right at 1 min boot. I took a look at the taskmanger and the only thing running at the time is Windows Bit Defender using about 16 to 24% of the cpu. I don’t believe this is an issue I will explain why.


Screenshot 2. 3minute mark is about where numbers hang out at idle. The H100iGTX is usually above 40C. at this point the cpu temps start coming down 48 to 45C. And this is where temps usually hang out as far as cores go. Bit defendeer still fluxuates at 16 to 24% of the cpu at this point. Bit Defender eventually drops to 1%, but the core temps / Cooler speeds remain the same.


So is there anything I should be concerned about here? Thanks!!!



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your cpu's running like a furnace, which begs the question how high is it overclocked and what voltage you have pumping through it,


then the real question is do you have one of those motherboards that totally shuts down between boot cycles ? if you do its going to be pumping voltage spikes through the cpu way above what you should have going in there and that's going to be the cause for it generating those huge temp spikes on boot.


not that I care cos its your pc but local temp is a big problem if your running the pc like that, oh and fyi water takes ages to stabilise to steady state running (close to 45 minutes with a pump and fans going) so for your water block to be jumping that high I n just a few minutes is odd unless your airflow is utter trash, are you sure the fans are the right way round ?

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I am a little concerned. The unit has not failed, but it seems to me something is restricting coolant flow. You can't heat up the coolant +15C in one minute, no matter what clock and voltage you are running. 40C is about where you should max out at when running 100% full tilt - not at boot. Even if you have strong core activity at boot (and most people do as programs load), it should not have a dramatic affect on the coolant temperature.


Contact Tech Support by following the quick link at the top of the page and detail this same information. The site has changed very recently, so if you have an old login, you will have to change it or create a new one if you have never registered. The key part is the coolant temperature at boot in comparison to the room temperature. I assume the H100i GTX is in the the top of the C70, likely as exhaust, although that would have no bearing on the 1 and 3 minute marks. Keep an eye on things. It is still usable in this state, but what out for extended loads. If it is a partial blockage of some type, it is likely to get worse, not better.

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Thank you @nanotm and @c-attack .



I am not overclocked as far as I am aware. I have the HW set to 0. I attached screenshot of my MSI bios. The CPU Core voltage is set to 1.200v and CPU SA Voltage is at 1.056v


do you have one of those motherboards that totally shuts down between boot cycles ? I tried doing a google search for this for my MSI - Z170A GAMING M7 motherboard but I cant find the answer anywhere.


are you sure the fans are the right way round? Double checked my fans and they are facing the correct way.




Yes the H100i GTX is in the the top of the C70, as exhaust. Thank you for the suggestion about tech support I will give them a try.





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The only other thing I can think of is a physical restriction preventing the radiator from shedding it's heat. A very restrictive dust filter in combination with a tight top or one very thick layer of dust carpet might be able to cause what you are seeing. However, I would expect it to take a few minutes and you could watch it go up. It would take a very substantial air flow blockage to get the coolant temp up +15C in 1-2 minutes.
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