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Hello everyone,


I'm considering to buy a M65 Pro mouse.

I have read a lot of reviews, but non of them told me anything true.

All reviewers just say, that the mouse of awesome.

Also I'm watching on Asus Gladius 2, but it's more expensive, and there is A LOT of feedback on the same problem, that rubber on the sides of the mouse is peeling off after ~6 months of use.


I would like to ask you - the owners of M65 series to give me a short summary on this mouse.



Thanx in advance!



P.S Can't decide - black or white.

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Hi Links,


I bought the mouse in February and have really enjoyed it so far.


A part from the awesome stats you can easily read up, the other points that really make me enjoy the mouse are:

- The aluminium frame. I like how it doesn't feel cheap.

- The big-ish round shape that fits really well in my big hands.

- The fact that you can adjust the weight of the mouse since it comes with 3 weights that you can remove from their intended slots.

- The sniper button is nicely placed (for me).

- The texture sides that allows me to easily move the mouse without slipping even if my hands are humid.


The only con for me (and this is really nit-picky of me) is that the RGB light in front of the wheel is not apparent enough. I think I would have preferred the lighting to be more like the Sabre RGB.


Hope it helps


PS: I went with black since I have also have the Corsair K70 LUX RGB keyboard which is black and the Polaris MM800 mouse pad (all black)

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Thank you for the answer!


I'm really starting to think about the M65 instead of the more expensive Gladius 2, cuz there is just SOOO much talking about those rubber pads on the sides, that are falling off.

For a 100$+ mouse, that is unacceptable.


I don't think, that I will use the sniper button very often, are there any accidental clicks on it? On photos it is located just right to accidentaly press it.


Do you have CUE installed? Do i have to keep this software to have for example, the lighting set as I want it to? Or I can just set and configure everything onve and uninstall the CUE after?

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