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CPU Starved?


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Just bought a new setup, but have found that, during heavy processing periods (with little disk access) CPU usually sits at around 55% usage. Ran Sisoft Sandra 2005 and it tells me memory speed is 2x134MHz (268Mhz data transfer rate) and Maximum bandwidth is 4288 MB/s. The only conclusion i can come to is that CPU is starved being that FSB is 800Mhz and memory transfer is only 268Mhz. Here is my hardware setup:


MB: Asus P5GD1

CPU: Intel P4 3.4 GHz 875P

Memory: Corsair XMS3200 400Mhz CL2 4x256MB

Mem Model: CMX256A - 3200C2PT


MB Manual claims to support this memory model at dual channel using 4 slots.


I have tried:

Flashing MB Bios to latest version from Asus (gained a move from 2x133Mhz to 2x134Mhz).

Using only 2 of the RAM sticks.

Fixing RAM speed at 400Mhz in BIOS (from Auto)


SiSoft Sandra sees my RAM modules as 3.0-4-4-8CL 1CMD.


Anyone ideas on what the problem could be?


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Being an AMD guy I can't say Im a pro when it comes to Intel but could you post every settings in your 'Advanced Chipset Features' menu under the 'Advanced' tab in your BIOS? Your memory should be at 400 not 266!


Also to be 100% sure youre using dual channel (MB manuals sometimes have errors) use Memtest86 & test your setup...


Good luck.

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Pretty sure i am running dual channel, after plugging modules in and out, get vast speed differences when not setup in dual channel config. Ran memtest86, and it reports ram correctly at 200Mhz. No setting change i make seems to make a difference. Pretty much all my setting are on Auto. Tried setting voltage to 2.7v (no 2.75v option - only 2.7 & 2.8) and frequency to 400MHz - no change. Have also tried various combinations of modules.


Sandra does report DDR multiplier at 2/3 which may explain the 200FSB/133DDR thing. Only thing is I have no idea how to change this multiplier. MB manual explicitly says it is adjustable. Anyone know how?

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That is exactly what i did (on both counts) 'cept no 2.75v available so i chose 2.7v - should i have gone 2.8v rather? Another thing is that i installed AI Booster today and it still picks up dimm volts as 2.6v despite my setting the bios otherwise. Also, in voltage setup in said program, does not allow me to change memory or PCIE voltage - only CPU. Does this mean that those voltages are fixed?

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Here are all settings under Advanced Tab:


Jumperfree Configuration:

AiBooster Support [Enabled]

AI Overclocking [Manual]

CPU Frequency [200]

DRAM Frequency [400MHz]

CPU Lock Free [Auto]

Performance Mode [Auto]


PCI Express Frequency [Auto]

PCI Clock Sync [Auto]

Speed Spectrum [Auto]

Memory Voltage [2.70V]

Chipset Core Voltage [Auto]

CPU VCore Voltage [Auto]

FSB Termination Voltage [Auto]



CPU Config:

Manufacturer: Intel

Band String: Intel® Pentium® 4 CPU 3.40GHz

Frequency: 3400MHz

FSB Speed: 800MHz

Cache L1: 16KB

Cache L2: 1024KB

Cache L3: 0KB

Ratio Status: Locked

Ratio Actual Value: 17


CPU Lock Free: [Auto]

VID CMOS Setting [ 45]

Microcode Updation [Enabled]

Max CPUID Value Limit [Disabled]

Enhanced C1 Control [Auto]

CPU Internal Thermal Control [Auto]



Configure DRAM by SPD [Enabled]

Hyper Path 2 [Auto]

Graphic Adapter Priority [PCI Express/PCI]


PEG Buffer Length [Auto]

Link Latency [Auto]

PEG Link Mode [Auto]

PEG Boot Control [Auto]

Slot Power [Auto]


Other sections in advanced are:

LAN Cable Status

USB Config

Onboard Devices Config


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