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Noisy RAM on some load


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I'm new to this forum but I have been pretty much a fan of all Corsair products (been through 3 sets of Corsair memory through varius upgrades).


Just recently, I have bought a new system (Athlon 64 S939, 1GB Twinx 3200XL [not overclocked], 256MB ASUS x800 pro vid, Gigabyte K8NSNXP-939 MB flashed to the latest). Just recently, I've noticed a scretchy sound coming from the box during certain times of playing games (eg. Need for Speed Underground 2 on non gaming parts like intro movies, World of Warcraft intro movie and screen) where graphics are not pushed to the limits. Desktop seems fine though. At first I thought it was videocard but when I opened up my case, it came from the memoy sticks. I did a quick search for this but I seem to cannot find anyone with simular problems. I've pulled out a module, the noise significantly reduced. Is this supposed to be something normal (as I am never aware of such problems) or is this a sign or faulty ram?

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