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Does my RM650X work fine?


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Last year I bought RM650X for my pc system. I think, it was really good purchase.


Unfortunately after some time I noticed that something is wrong. When I was putting my powerbar ON then my RM650X fired a spark! It was maybe 3-4 times when I saw this behavior. I have decited to change my powerbar but it did not help. Finally, the problem just gone, do not know how and why, but it gone.


Now ... I have never been interested in a power supply but I have noticed that my PSU is really warm. No matter when - while playing or internet browsing.


Is it normal? Should the fan not start working to cool down the supply temperature? I have ran OCCT test and put my PC system into huge stress. The PSU was cool because fan was spinning. What about games or internet browsing?


Could the spark damaged something inside PSU? I also have got a laser thermometer that I used to check temperature inside PSU - it was around 55C but it could be wrong.


Should I send my PSU on warrianty?

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