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K70 RGB Lux right off the box switch problem


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Hello Everybody.


Long story short, I got a key chatter problem with my old K70 RGB, got send a K70 LUX RGB to me. It arrived today (So it's out of a box problem), and after two hours of using it, I noticed changed how switch for "F" button work compared to other. It sounds differently and if I mash it it happens to double click or even lock in place, writing F all by itself untill I press the button again.


So i've decided to take off the keyboard and it seems that the switch moves slightly whenever I click it.


My question is if I can do something about it (since it's warranty replecament keyboard) or...well. Not

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Unfortunately this is a hardware issue that can't be fixed, and the keyboard would need to be replaced. Please notify Technical Support by replying to your original RMA ticket, and we'll get you taken care of for a replacement.
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