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No save option

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Apart from being extremely user unfriendly, CUE2 isn't showing me a save button. All is see is revert.

Brand new Strafe RGB silent and latest CUE 2 downloaded last night. I hit profile, create a new one, then go to lighting effects, static etc but the save button (to the slight left of REVERT) never appears. Consequently I can't save my work.

If I'm doing something wrong here, I would be delighted to know.

Thanks for reading this.

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CUE will now auto save all changes made instead of requiring to click save manually after each change.


Are you losing any changes after closing and reopening CUE?

Call me old fashioned, but I would much rather a conventional save/cancel setup. Anyway, my needs are pretty simple and I just realised that for every effect for a certain group of keys, a new effect (+) should be added, which is logical bearing in mind the sophistication of the software.

Yes Toasted, it is saving the changes to the profiles, but the lack of a manual save completely threw me, especially since most of the tutorials show the save button.

Many thanks for your input, cheers!

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Default profile as in the static Red and white lighting effect?

If so, make sure the advanced lighting effect of your profile is saved to the keyboard.


If CUE is not loading the profile you want on startup, Make sure the profile you want as default is at the top of the profile list.

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