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Memory Gone Bad! CMX5123200LLPT


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I've had the RAM for about 7 months now running in an SN41G2 ShuttleX with an AthlonXP 2800+ processor and I've just recently started getting BSOD's and random reboots in WindowsXP, and major compilation errors under Linux. It was running in dual channel with an identical stick of RAM, but they weren't purchased as a TwinX set.


I've run Memtest-86 v3.1 on each stick individually, and one seems to be just fine with 0 errors after 10 passes, but the other one... well, I took a photo of my screen after it's first pass...


Screen "capture" of Memtest output*


* The screenshot is from another Shuttle, an SB65G2 with a P4 2.8Ghz. Memtest yielded identical results in the SN41G2.


Please help!

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