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bad vs512mb333 memory


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I have an ASUS A7N8X motherboard, AMD Athlon 2700+ processor. I have 3 512 sticks of RAM, 2 are Valueselect Corsair9VS512MB333 (purchased at the same time when system was built) and one is Kingston ValueRAM KVR333/512 purchased later. I have run MEMTEST32+ V1.20 with the folllowing results:


All 3 sticks in the machine.... many errors found, all within one 512meg address range. Errors were during test 5 and 6 of the test.


I ran MEMTEST32+ 3 times with a different 512meg memory stick inserted each time. Only 512 meg installed each time.


One of the Corsair sticks and the Kingston stick ran, each a long time, with no errors. When both these sticks are installed for 1 gig of ram, the MEMTEST32+ also runs numerous passes with no errors.


The subject Corsair VS512MB333 (0320036) memory stick, by itself, again created errors in the high range of the 512mb memory address range during tests 5 and 6. Thus, the only time errors have been identified is when this physical stick of RAM is installed.


I believe I have a bad stick of RAM and would like to RMA it. I understand that I must reference this post to do so.


I am not overclocking, never have. I do not play games.


What do I need to do to obtain an RMA?

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