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H115i + Stock 6700k over 80° C (176F)?!


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I recently purchased the H115i AIO water cooler and am using it to cool my i7 6700k which is currently still in stock clocks.


Now, I am experiencing issues with my temps.

While the Idle temps are around 25-30° C (77-86 F) the tempratures under load with AIDA64 are instantly peking up to 82°C (179,6 F)


A strange thing is that the temps are spiking down and upwards during the stresstest.

Meaning from 82° C immediately down to 60° C (140 F) and then again up to the 70s and 80s again.


I already read that this symptoms may refer to a not completely fitting/connecting cooler plate with the headspreader.

Now, I already mounted and dismounted the part 3 times to both check the tightening and the thermal compound spreading. Both are rock solid.

Yet I even thought that it might be screwed on too tight as the cooler plate has some "marks" of the corners of the CPUs heatspreader on it which looks to me like too much preassure.


Now, the cooler package came with some washers included of which I couldn't find anything in the manual.

Now, does it maybe help to put one on either side below the cooler mount to get some "space"?


Otherwise I do not know what the error could be and I cannot beleive that these are normal temps.


Can anyone help me please?!





Sorry for any bad englisch, German here :D

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25-30*C is 100% normal for idle.

when full load it can get up to 80*C if your airflow is not good enough.

Temps from 60-80*C is not a big jump...


Cpu cooler should be tighten normally not to much as it could crack, even putting to much thermal compound could be bad as well. Check some videos on youtube there are plenty how to apply thermal compound properly and how to clean it before reapplying.


I would take it off clean nicely and reinstall gently one more time based on some tutorials from youtube for example "Linus videos" then check your airflow of your case how fans are connected which way the air gets in and which way air gets out and lastly try to change position of your cpu cooler. If you have it on top put in front or other way around.

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