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Disconnection and reconnection


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I have had the corsair k55 for a few months now. And yesterday when I left my pc on for a while and came back, it was constantly disconnecting and reconnecting. I have followed a few tutorials on Youtube to it and followed a few forums. They all mention the "allow pc to turn this device off " box. I have unchecked every single box that relates to USB and my keyboard i could find in the devicemanager tab.

I also went to the advanced powermanager tab and switched of the USB thingy there as wel. On the tutorials that i followed of poeple doing that it sead their device name on the top of the powermaneger tab. On mine it just sead Hard drive.


While typing this topic I found out that is only disconnects when my RGB backlight is on.


I am all out of ideas and realy annoyed that a NEW keyboard suddenly showes these problems.


I hope some poeple could help me with this problem.


PS sory for the bad grammer, I am to agitated to fix it.


Keyboard: Corsair K55 GRB Backlight

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