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Dual AX860i Problem


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hii i buy dual ax860i to run 3x1080TI



the main is taking motherboard cpu water cooling fans and HDD.



now the second is making weird sounds....

(the one that connect only to 2 cards alone)



i did double check that the Cable psu2psu is working well


the sound coming out from the psu itself


im afraid this can burn my whole pc




u dont need FB to watch this. just click skip



i buy this dual psus 2 weeks ago im very disappointed.



help am i taking risk waiting the weeked to end and still work with them?


or i should stop using my pc right now....i have work to do :(



3d manager artist here.




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i have 3 gtx 1080TI


i have 1 main psu go for








water cooling system


(this psu not going more then 300-400w)



2nd Psu takes the


2 GTx 1080TI



Both gpus connect to this cable :



and this cable goes into the board



the 2nd psu Keep doing this noise , also when i detach it and test it on its own


i have small part that make Short circuit so i can test this psu alone


and yhea its keep doing this scary noises like its going to fire up soon :/

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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