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Corsair One Pro GPU Temp at 97


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I just received my Corsair One Pro. I installed a few games (SC2, Rocket League) and it seems they run much laggy-er than I was expecting, the fan also speeds up super high right when I start the games. The games even crash the system when there's a lot going on on-screen. I downloaded MSI afterburner and it shows the GPU running around 95 - 97 degrees C after just a minute or two.


This is my first gaming PC so I'm not really sure what I should be expecting but from the reviews it looks like this isn't normal, it should be able to play these games on max graphics (currently running on Low-Medium).


Anyone else experiencing this? I'm definitely very disappointed in the product so far. I was expecting to get at least 4 years out of a $2200 machine and it's only been one week :/

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those temps on the GPU are way to high really to high !!!!!!

you can expect temps as hot on the CPU but not on the GPU, the Corsair ONE PRO gtx1080 has a great cooling system on the GPU, I wish would be same for the CPU but it seems is not the case.


If was me I would open the side panel below the top of the main fan, First pull out the main fan by pesing a boton, ones is done you will see 2 srews, those screws need to be unscrew to realease the side panel


Ones is done if was me I would run Heaven benmarh at max settings and I would monitor GPU and CPU temps and lowds


While the stress test is running I would make sure the GPU fan is running and I will look at the radiator tubes and make sure they are well connected to the radiator and look next to the water pump head on top of the GPU is there is a cabel louse, that cabel is the alimentation of the Water pump !!!


If the radiators are well connected and no water leaks and if the GPU fan is spinning, Pump running >>>then something very strange is going on there, because even at worst scenario lets said your Video Card is dead IS NOT NORMAL TO HAVE THOSE HIGH TEMPS since

your fan is spinning, Water Pump running so water is circulating GPU Should BE COOL!!!!!


Make sure the water pump Head is well placed on top of the GPU there are plenty of pictures of the Corsair One Gpu side panel open in the NET just compare the pictures with your unit EVERITHING MUST LOOK SAME AS IN THE PICTURES


If you prefer open a ticket with Corsair and send it back Good Luck !

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  • Corsair Employees

Hi helliot,


Yikes those are high temps! It is unfortunate to hear you have this issue. Please file a support ticket so we can start our RMA process for your unit. This way we can diagnose what is the problem and get you up and running as fast as we can.


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