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H80i v2 after delay LED flickers + fans go to 100%


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Hey everyone,


After doing some spring cleaning on my PC I now am facing an issue where upon booting my computer it will run normally for about ~20 seconds, then suddenly the H80i v2's fans will fly up to 100% RPM (5000rpm according to BIOS) and the LED (the word Corsair that glows white) will start ever so slightly flickering. The cooler does not show up in Corsair Link despite having tried plug the corsair link cable into both USB 2.0 headers on the mobo (msi z97 gaming 5), and I am unable to change the speeds in the MSI command centre.

Other than this it works 100% fine and keeps my CPU at sub-40 degrees no problem, and will happily run all night.


I was concerned it was related to my power supply so I tried a different power supply socket and it made no difference.


I've tried flashing my mobo, reinstalling drivers, replugging in the cpu fan / corsair link cable but have yet to have any luck.


Anyone got any ideas? Greatly appreciated.



- Mobo: msi Z97 Gaming 5

- Cooler: H80i v2

- CPU: i7 4790k

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