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difference between cm74sd2048rlp and cm76sd2048rlp

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Just bought some 2GB DIMMS with part number cm76sd2048rlp-2700M.

I really wanted the cm74sd2048rlp-2700M DIMMS, but our distributor

sent us the cm76's. I can't find any mention of the cm76 part

number on http://www.corsairmemory.com. How does it differ from

the cm74 part, which Tyan deems compatible with our S2882



The reason I ask is that we are experiencing server lockups

when our application is run with 16GB of the new memory.

The machine does pass memory tests, however. The application

runs fine with 8GB of cm72sd1024rlp memory.





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  • Corsair Employees

The following chart contains the following model of our memory modules that are qualified and been tested to run with your Tyan S2882 MB.



512 DDR RAM (reg./ECC) Samsung CM72SD512RLP-2700/S (K4H560838D/E-TCB3)


1 GB DDR RAM (reg./ECC) Micron CM72SD1024RLP-2700/M (MT46V64MTG-6T)


1 GB DDR RAM (reg./ECC) Samsung CM78SD1024R-2700IM (n/a)


1 GB DDR RAM (reg./ECC) Samsung CM72SD1024RLP-2700/S (K4H510838B-TCB3)


2 GB DDR RAM (reg./ECC) Samsung CM74SD2048RLP-2700/S (K4H510438B-TCB3)


Please contact the place where you bought the memory module from, and notify them about the situation; I would highly and personally suggest you use the recommended model, since most of the time the MB maker is very picky when it comes to memory module on a server motherboard.

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