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Module not functioning.


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AMD Athlon64 3200

MSI K8N Neo FSR (BIOS Version 6.00PG 08/26/2004)

PNY GeForce 6800GT

Soundblaster Audigy 2 ZS

Corsair CMX256A-3200LLPT (2x)

Lite-on CD-R/DVD-ROM

Western Digital 80Gb SE

Logitech MX510/Logitech Elite Keyboard

Sony MDR-V300 Headphones

AG Neovo 17" LCD




The system will POST and load to desktop with one of the modules in any DIMM. It fails to POST if I place the other module either alone in any DIMM or with the other module in any configuration.


Memory timings and voltage are default.

Module in question: XMS3205v1.1 0304107

These modules were purchased individually.

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