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My name is Hector, or more commonly known as Legacy.PC in the Instagram.


Recently I have decided to mod a 750D to match my dream car: A Nissan GT-R Nismo in pearl white, :loveeyes::loveeyes:. I originally started doing this mod over on my Instagram account, but I have decided to bring it over to this forum to share with you guys! So please do excuse if the beginning parts of the mod aren't recorded sequentially.


I have just started on this mod and hope to have it done quickly, I will post pictures here frequently on the progress I make.


Thank-you for stopping by! :)::):




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Then, some time passed, and i got busy with school work, and stuff like that. So I decided to work on a bit of the acrylic work, mainly the motherboard tray because I knew it would take me more than one try to create. I pretty much perfected the sizing of it but accidentally broke it, which means making a new one. Yay!








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Hey Guys!!! :biggrin:


I know its been a while, but i'm still alive! (I just got caught up with work and my robotics team :p::p:)


Whit that being said, this build log is going to be a lengthy post.


First things first, I decided to completely disassemble the case once more in order to remove the already sprayed on white paint (I didn't like the finish). By doing so I was able to produce a .GIF that shows the reassembly of the 750D.


After Reassembling the case I created a PSU shroud (which I will be re-making) in order to have a place to mount the glass XSPC reservoir. I just used a simple method to create the shroud, which involved heating the acrylic repeatedly and evenly with a heat gun while it was clamped to my desk being sandwiched between a flat piece of wood and my desk.


(I ran out of picture upload slots, so this will be continued into Log#5 :laughing::laughing::laughing: )











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After the shroud was completed I test fit the res and...It Fits!! the only thing wrong though, was that the PSU was too small, meaning a new one must be made, a better one, a strong one, a better looking one :laughing::laughing: But in the mean time this will have to do for test fitting.


After having assembled the case I decided to put in the front 360mm radiator, a dead mother board I use as a template, and the PSU shroud, by doing this I was able to see roughly how much room I have to work with, where parts would sit, and how the tubing runs would plane out.


I also got my 4770K delided and lapped by Remiscs (on Instagram) I had this done in order to get the lowest possible temperatures on the CPU, as for the GPU I purchased a black and nickle-plated copper Heatkiller water block.


Now all I am currently waiting for the last piece I need to have everything for the water cooling loop...the top mounted 360mm radiator which is going to look beautiful with some special LED fans ;):;):;):


Also ordered the control panel for the switches and push to start ignition (to mimic a GT-R ignition system) the panel I ordered is from Amazon and includes 3 toggle switches, an engine start button, and a key that must be turned in-order to use the push-to-start. This panel will be wired to turn on the pc, as well as different lighting zones.






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Its here.......


The main pieces of the build, which were kindly sent over by Blake.


These parts include:


x6 HD120 RGB fans

x2 Lighting Node Pro Kits

x1 RM850x PSU

x1 Force LE 200 SSD


I cant wait to use these parts in GT-R, the 6 fans will be set up in a pull configuration upfront and a push configuration up-top that way the fans face the inside of the case and allow for RGB light to shine on the components.


The Node Pro Kits will be used to create different lighting zone in the case which include around the motherboard, the PSU shroud, the left and right sides and the top and bottom of the case. The PSU shroud will have a window cut out in order to be able to see the RM850X which will be the power house of the build.







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