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just flushed the system


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Sometimes it takes a little time for the bubbles to work theirself totally out of the system. To help speed the process up, with the system running, try rotating/tilting/inverting the H200 unit to get the bubbles to the outflow tube of the flow indicator. It's kinda like the cheap toy that you hold in your hand and try to get a BB to go through a maze - sometimes you get lucky and get it done quickly, sometime frustrating and takes a little longer.


Since you just flushed your system, you might want to check to ensure that the res. is completely full as well. (Without the tilting :roll: ), and the system running take the cap off the res. and top it off. That ensures 100% capacity and releases and air that might be pressuring in the system if all isn't well.


Hope this helps.


Stev, sorry to see the H200 off the shelves. Cann't wait to see what you guys come up with next :eek: .

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