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different ram types


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currently in my asus a7n8x-deluxe mobo (which has 3 ram slots), i have 512MB of 3200 cas 2.5 ram (i believe.. i think its even corsair).

i've recently just bought a gig (2x512) of corsair: CMX512-3200XL (2-2-2-5)


i would like to know which situation is better:


a) all 3 sticks of ram, giving me a total of 1.5gb of ram

b) just the 2 new sticks of corsair


i guess im worried that with the third older stick, it'll slow the ram down. whats the trade off? is the extra 512mb of memory worth the slow down (if there is one)? or is it just better to have the new 1gb and leave it at that?


thanks in advance for any help.

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