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Corsair Mice and UltraWide Monitors, left right vs up down movement.


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Hi there, big fan of corsair products! This is my first time posting as I have been totally unsucessful searching the internet for any solution.


I have an ultrawide monitor: 3440x1440


My mouse when you go let to right is SUPER FAST but when you go up and down its really slow, this is because its scaling more to move left and right across the larger resolution than up or down.


This is terrible and makes gaming awful


So since this is gaming hardware, how can I fix this? Any ideas? I cant find any way to do it in the software and that is frustrating, but everything Ive ever tried to do in the software is super complicated (same for LG or any other gaming mice, why by the way is the dang software so hard and unintuitive to use for gaming mice? well I digress, thats for another post.)


Any way to fix this left right up or down issue? Thanks!

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seems like the utility engine knows my monitor:


GPU : AMD Radeon R9 390 Series

CPU : Intel® Core i5-6500 CPU @ 3.20GHz

Memory : 16.00 GB RAM (15.94 GB usable)

Current resolution : 3440 × 1440, 75 Hz

Operating system : Microsoft Windows 10 Pro

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Open CUE and select your mouse icon.


Click the performance tab on the left.


Uncheck "enhance pointer precision". Mouse acceleration is not your friend here and most gamers prefer this off. It can have unexpected results. If other mice are doing this as well, you may something similar set in your Windows settings.

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