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Switching to Advanced on the fly


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Just wondering if there's a way to switch to and from the Advanced mode in CUE without having to bring up the UI.


I'm basically trying to create profiles that light up only certain keys, much like the "key-by-key" feature that the non-RGB K70 keyboards had. I've figured out how to light select keys by going into Advanced mode and setting colours for groups of keys, then creating different profiles to use with different games (different sets of keys being lit). I even figured out how to switch between these profiles.


But I would still like a way to switch between Advanced and Normal mode, I use normal to have all keys lit, and Advanced to switch to having select keys lit.


Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks! :)

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You are probably going to want to pick one or the other and stick with it. In the basic/normal package, there are some limits to the number of layers and type of effects. The basic mode is more useful for people who prefer to use the included Corsair color preset options and not spend the time making their own. The Advanced mode will have additional lighting possibilities and most profiles you see online will have been made in Advanced mode. Hoping back and forth between normal and advanced can create some CUE glitches.


However, you can also create a "basic" and advanced color layer for the same profile. You can make them the same so it works in both modes or I often make a simple version for when I am tired of the flashing. Of course, this would be even more useful if there were a keyboard toggle for basic/advanced.

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