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How to enable full USB compatibility mode to get it works on any KVM devices ?


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I bought a Corsair Strafe RGB MX Silent for intensive professional use. I mean not especially for gaming but my daily comfort.

Because it has silent mechanical key touch, soberly designed (not just for geek children) and it can provide a white backlight in low brighteness.


My working station have a large 4K monitor supporting 60Hz and 4 computers. So to manage my working desktop I have to use a KVM supporting the Displayport 1.2 video standard.

Only the ATEN CS1924 KVM model provide this feature.


At first ATEN CS1924 KVM doesn't recognize the Corsair Strafe RGB MX Silent because keyboard emulation mode is enable as default.

But fortunately ATEN CS1924 KVM has an USB passtrought mode by disabling the keyboard emulation mode. This feature is for multimedia and industrial keyboards having more than 104 keys.


Now the Corsair Strafe RGB MX Silent is available. I can type some text on the screen.

But keyboard shortcuts to flip between computers don't work. So I tested the same KVM setup with two different cheap price noname USB keyboards and all KVM keyboard shortcuts work properly with them.


What's wrong with Corsair Strafe RGB MX Silent ?

Is there a feature to emulate first price keyboards and to get universal compatibility ?

There is no manual delivered in the box.


For now I'm really disapointed about this Corsair mechanical keyboard because it seems not fully USB compliant.


Best regards,


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I got help from ATEN technical support. They confirm to be able to use Corsair keyboards with their KVM devices we have to disable the keyboard emulation mode.

Because Corsair keyboard engineers don't use a universal USB protocol.


So at first it requires a spare keyboard having full USB capabilities connected to ATEN KVM. I used a cheap model at 6.90 euros with noname.

And then :

. press and hold down Num Lock key

. press and release Minus "-" key (at the numeric keypad)

. release the Num Lock key

. and press N to disable keyboard emulation mode


At next. ATEN's techician give me a second tips about the Corsair Strafe RGB MX Silent keyboard. Corsair's keyboards have a "BIOS mode" :

. press F1 key and the Windows Lock button (at the top right of the keyboard) simultaneously during 3 seconds then release

. and Corsair keyboard flip into a more friendly compatibility mode


And there I confirm. I can now use my Corsair Strafe RGB MX Silent to switch onto another computer video source. KVM hotkeys are properly detected.

But the keyboard back lightning move to its horrible red default color. And the Scroll Lock LED blink all the time.

I suppose all custom profile and shortcuts created with the Corsaire Utility Engine Software are all disabled too.


This means Corsair's keyboard have a normal USB mode to communicate with all devices. But this feature is hidden as default.

And not mentioned in the online manual (I can finally found here : http://softwaredownloads.corsair.com/Files/Gaming-Keyboards/Corsair-Gaming-RGB-Keyboards-Software-User-Manual.pdf)



So finnaly I have two requests for Corsair's keyboard engineers. Can we have a firmware for regular users :

. with a more neutral default backlight color than red in "BIOS mode? like white color on the entire keyboard ?

. and keep the silly blinking scroll down LED as disabled ?



I paid the high amount of 185 euros for a functional and finalized keyboard.

But Corsair don't inform customers the limitation of its compatibility for this keyboard on its technical description (http://www.corsair.com/en-ww/strafe-rgb-mechanical-gaming-keyboard-cherry-mx-silent).

At this time, I have the feeling to be duped and to be ripped off about this purchase. So I hope Corsair will solve this issue quickly.



Best regards,


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Agree 100 percent.


I just bought a strafe rgb and it does not work by default with my Aten kvm. You have to disable keyboard emulation as above, fine.


The keyboard then works perfectly. All custom rgb seems to work, you can type!


But one big problem. You double tap scroll lock to change between PCs and nothing happens. You are locked in the one pc, just like if you plugged it direct into that pc and not the kvm.


This is crazy. If you google search you will find hundreds of forum posts complaining about corsairs compatibility with kvm switches. it's a problem you guys really should address.


A bios mode with no rgb and flashing lights is not a solution. Why doesntdoesn't double scroll lock work???


So I am now returning mine for a refund. Gutted as lovely keyboard. Corsair will lose a lot of sales due to this for sure.



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