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Timings for 3200LLPT, 3200C2PT & 875DBZ


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I'm running a Intel 875DBZ. I had been using 1 set of Corsair TWINX512-3200LLPT (2x256) and after some initial setup trouble got it going great and trouble free. This was about a year ago. A few days ago I got another set of ram, TWINX1024-3200C2PT 1GB DDR400 XMS3200 (2x512). I have no problem getting the system to post, but don't seem to have the timings correct. I have tried anywhere from 2,3,3,5 to 3,4,4,8 and still, I cannot pass test 5 of Memtest - as soon as it hits 99% of test 5 it immediately starts rattling off thousands of errors. I saw another post that indicated for this board the voltage should be increased to 2.8 (I have it as the default now, I think 2.65) but I am sort of hesitant to increase the voltage unless someone wiser then me suggests it. I understand that the new set of memory will have much slower timings then the old pair but I assumed they would work together at the speed of the slowest pair.


Help me Ramguy! :(

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Welcome to the forums, jbroggio!


Yes, please set your board's vDimm (DIMM Voltage) to 2.8 volts. Your modules are warrantied up to 2.9, so don't fret.


With more modules there's more load on the chipset, so you'll have to work with it...


I'd try the 2.8 volts and these timings:


CAS - 2.5

RAS to CAS Delay - 3

Row Precharge - 3

Cycle Time - 7


Command Rate - 1T (if you can't get it stable, try 2T)


Then run memtest again. Often just the voltage will help it out. If that doesn't work, try 2.5-4-4-8.




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