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HXi 750, H100i V2 Link setup


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Hi guys,


I am sure this has been asked before and I have searched but cannot find an answer that works for me!


I have a ASUS Z170-E Board and a Corsair 760T Case. The board only has 3 usb headers on it, 2 of them are taken up by the Corsair 760t Case. I have a HX750i Psu and a H100i V2 Water cooler, My problem is I can only have my water cooler or my power supply hooked up with the link cable,


I have read online that you can plug in your powersupply into the the Water coolers block to piggyback the link connection with the usb cable but I don't see how that is possible without doing some modding.


I have read that you can buy a internal usb expansion card (NZXT Case Accessory IU01 USB EXPANSION Internal ACC-NT-IU01-R) , and I have seen the corsair commander.


Aside from buying more parts just to hook up my power supply and water cooler to link, is there anything I can do?

I notice my power supply is running hot, and the fan test button does not work unless I have the link cable hooked up.


I just built this new rig in December 2016 and I have been worried about my setup, and my temps.


Here is a snapshot of how my link software currently reads




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