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Hello, I was reading about this headset problems and I found some similar situations to mine, but I cant solve the problem, I dont know if I am not understanding what to do, or what is happening. I did a lot of the things people relied but still the headset is not working. So if anyone can tell me what I am doing wrong or what should I do, I will be very thankfull.


My problem is that I got today my Corsair Void Wireless Special Edition, I opened the box everything was ok, followed the manual, I connected the base station, then thewireless adapter, then windown failed to install the drivers. I connected the headphones with the usb to start charging it. In that moment when i went to audio devices the headset showed up there and i tried to set it al default but no sound came from it, afeter that i tried to enter again and it was not showing so i set my speakers default again.


If I go to devide manager, both the dongle and headset are showing up but the headset has and exclamation sign.


I already have installed the Cue 2.14.67 (last one) I downloaded when I got my k70 lux 1 day before the headset and it was perfect. So when i opened cue the program detected the headset but then it says Not connected, I tried changing the usb, when i unpluged it Cue showed the headphones had 40% battery. then I pluged everything back and it says Not Connected and then my keyboard lights shutted down, and cue said it was damaged, so i unpluged and pluged back the keyboard usb and it was ok, but every time i try to do something with the headset my keyboard dies and need to reconnect.


I checked all the bios, usb firmware etc, i have all latest updates, I saw that windows problem some ppl said to download something, but it is for x64, i downleaded it and try to install but it failed cos i have x86, i didnt realize it was only x64-


And i have also the macro problem but i did everything and cant solve it.


So i dont know what to do, should i do something else, or just give the set back and ask for a new one, i dont know, cue was working fine with my keyboard alone but now i have some problem.


Thanks everyone, and sorry for my english if I made some mistakes.

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