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RodAng - Bad Memory


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I have 512MB 200-PIN DDR SO-DIMM Value Select with a lifetime warranty


VS512SDS333 lot 0408044.


I bought the RAM in 2004 (approx April or June of last year).


I was using the RAM in an IBM ThinkPad T41 (model 2378-DHU).


Until recently, my laptop was running fine with the new RAM.


Starting on 1/15/2005, my laptop would crash when booting (Windows XP SP2).


I was getting a missing or corrupt NTFS.SYS error.


I contacted IBM customer support and they instructed me to run PC Doctor diagnostic software which already existed on a hidden partition on the ThinkPad model I have.


All diagnostics tests passed except for the RAM test which is why I’m posting in this forum.


I ran the full memory diagnostic test (not the quick memory test).

The memory was failing the Complex Pattern Test.


I tried removing and re-installing the “bad” RAM but the RAM tests still failed.


I tried the above several times with the same bad results just to make sure I installed the RAM correctly.


I then bought another VS512SDS333 ValueSelect memory (lot 0453020) and installed it into the same slot the bad memory used.


Anyway, with the new Corsair RAM, the memory tests now pass and my computer now runs as expected.


To get my laptop running, I did not re-install or uninstall any software – I only replaced the bad ram.


I would like to get a replacement for my bad ram since it is under warranty (I went to Fry’s and I was told to contact the manufacturer).



However, please advise what the next step should be.






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