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Upgrade to Platinum from GT didn't go as planned. Will I notice a difference?


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I inherited a Dominator Platinum kit from a buddy who just finished his z270 build. It turned out to be quite the hassle with a ton of trial and error to get it stable and I'm unable to run it full speed. I knew going into this swap the Platinum wasn't on the approved ram list for my Maximus VII but I've never had an issue with unapproved memory. However the fact that Corsair themselves only approve it for z87 gave me pause and had it not been in a x79 build for several years I likely wouldn't have even tried.


The Dominator GT kit I had installed is quite good, allowing tighter timings of 9-9-9-24 over the spec of 9-11-10-27. The Platinum is running at 2133, just like my GT kit but I had to loosen the timings out to 12-12-12-34 to get it stable.


I really like the aesthetics of the Dominator Platinum, is there a chance I'll notice a difference in gaming or video encoding?

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