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CMU32GX4M4C3466C16 Profile and die type?


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I'm wondering the same.


There are very few modules available that might be samsung B die. And I'm having some SERIOUS problems with the ****ty hynixM modules on my platinum 3000CL15 series.


What kind of issues are you having?

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Can someone provide me with this information? I can't find it on the net.



P/N: CMU32GX4M4C3466C16


VENGEANCE® LED 32GB (4 x 8GB) DDR4 DRAM 3466MHz C16 Memory Kit - White LED


I do not find that kit you posted on any lists for Samsung B-Die however, I found this one: CMK32GX4M4B3466C16


I used the B-Die Finder just Google "B-Die Finder" ...


Keep in mind that not all lists are accurate and also that chip makers often switch IC's too.


hope this can help

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