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Problems with h110i


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So I bought a used h110i off Craigslist a few months ago. (Yeah it's not new, it was cheap xD). And I finally got to put it to use. I run the PC and go into bios to check the temps and it is rapidly climbing and peaks around 90c and idles around 70-80c. Everything is plugged in, the fans run, the LED on the pump glows blue, but the fan RPM and the pump RPM is not detected in the bios or on corsair link. I think the pump might have gone out but I can't be too sure. I touched the tubes and one seems to be hot while the other remains cooler.
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If the pump speed really is zero RPM I suspect the pump has failed and as you can't RMA it you will need to get a new H110i.


  1. The SIV initial + [uSB Bus] + [Link Devices] + [Link Status] + [Link Fans] panels allow the root cause of many hardware issues to be determined and resolved.
  2. If you need help with a CL hardware issue I recommend attaching these screen shots to your post using names such as [Link Devices].png.
  3. You should also ensure your PC Specs are up to date and specify the Windows Build number.
  4. Check the devices are present on Devices and Printers and confirm that Windows Device Manager is not reporting any issues.
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