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SF600 cable length and cable compability


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I recently purchased a SF600 for my Fractal Nano case so there would be more room between the PSU and the GFX.


It would have worked great if I had researched beforehand how short the 24pin cable was and remedied it. Alas I did not and the cable doesn't reach, well it barely does if I route it infront of the gfx, but that isn't especially pretty and it's very tight.


It was suggested to me that I could purchase an extension for the 24pin so I put in an order. Foiled again! ::pirate::


The SF600 uses a 10+18 pin cable so the 24pin extension I purchased didn't work. The saying measure twice, cut once comes to mind. Should have done more homework :laughing:



TL;DR: What kind of 10+18/24pin cable can I buy that's longer than the stock SF600 and has the right connectors? Hopefully they can be had for fairly cheap since I already wasted some money on the extension. :cool:

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I had an epic brainfart, I had issues getting the 24pin out of the motherboard so I looked at the other end figuring I could put the extension there and my train of thought derailed at that point.

Ofcourse the extension goes on the end that goes into the mobo and not the psu! I hope I'm not alone in overlooking simple stuff from time to time :P


You can close this thread, it's all up and running now after I realised my embarrassing mistake :)


Thanks for the quick reply,

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I'm very glad I was able to assist you with this and am very happy it turned out well.


If you have some pictures, I'd love for you to post them!




The SF works great in the Fractal Nano case :D: Upgraded with a new cooler since this pic was taken tho.


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