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Trouble with a module of Corsair 512mb/60ECC rdram


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I believe I may have a module of bad ram here and am

writing to request technical assistance. My server, a

SuperMicro p4dc6 mainboard, dual Xeon 2.4ghz cpus has 2gb

of ram composed of four 512mb modules of Corsair ECC

rdram. The board uses memory interleaving so the ram must

be populated in identical pairs of two rims.


I was experiencing frequent system crashes and further

testing revealed a definite problem. When I wrote approx

1gb of data to disk and read it back, the data would be

different by several bytes. Suspecting a ram problem at

this point, I booted into memtest86+ which found a

screenfull of errors within the first 10 seconds of

operation. Since interleaving is being used, it was

difficult to isolate the rim via the address of the error

but by rotating the rims in and out with continuity modules

in banks 3 and 4, I managed to isolate one particular rim

which was causing the errors.

I checked the bios settings of the board but it has very

little a user can change as far as memory settings. The

only configurable feature is enable memory ECC which I

tried in both on and off. However since this is ECC

memory, I imagine this should be set to on.


If you have any suggestions on how I might resolve this

issue, I would appreciate hearing from you.


Best regards,


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Please see if this system will let you boot and run http://www.memtest.org with one module installed and lets test them one up and see if we can isolate the failing module. However, if you get errors with all of the modules I would suspect some other problem. If the system has to have 2 modules please test them 2 at a time.
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Thanks for the reply. I am using the tester you suggest

from http://www.memtest.org. I cannot test a single module

as the board requires at least two identical modules to

boot. I therefore installed two dummy continuity modules

in banks 3 and 4 and tested in pairs of two. Only one

module is causing memtest86+ to report errors. That is,

all combinations without the faulty module work fine.


Best regards,


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