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Corsair Ax1200 vs RM650


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Hi all :)


This is old question and look like noob .. but i need to confirm from corsair and corsair users :).


My rig spend ~450W (i7 4790k - asus strix 980ti .. 7 fans 3hdd). I want to ask if i use Ax1200 i will pay double electronic's bill with RM650 both is 80plus Gold classs.


Few users said .. the psu draws as much power as it needs, so i wont be pay for extra. Meaning my pc need 450~, psu draws about 500-500W when i use AX1200 ?



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  • Corsair Employees

PSU only puts out whatever the demand is. Doesn't matter if you use a 500W or 1500W.


What may vary is how much power it draws from the wall since efficiency varies across different loads, but you're only talking about a 1 to 2% difference when both PSUs are Gold rated.

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