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VOID Wireless Jamming Wifi signal? (PS4)


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So, I recently got my Voids and with my rig, it works amazingly. When I use it with my PS4, however, it jams out my wifi signal to the PS4 ONLY. I've tested this with several games, devices, and set ups. Same result. Whenever the headset is connected to the PS4, it drops the wifi signal after about 5 minutes. NOTE! It didn't do this when I first got it, but after a couple weeks of using it this way. Also! It doesn't jam when the headset is connected to anything else. I've even tried changing the channel for the router. No luck. It seems to me that both the headset and my router both run on a 2.4Ghz freq and the headset, being a closer more concentrated signal, wins out. Is there a solution that DOESN'T include running a hard line to my room from the router?


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