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New H115i, Loud pump, louder in Quiet mode


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I recently built a new pc, with a H115i for the cooler on a 7700k.


Everything seems to be working well, but there is a very audible and annoying buzz/hum that seems to be coming from the pump itself, and it can be heard easily with the case closed.


The noise remains constant when changing the speed of all the other case fans.


There is also another noise, like a swishing, sort of like a fan on really low speed, when I switch it to Quiet mode. This noise is a lot more audible than the buzzing.


I have the pump plugged into the CPU fan header, with the 2 radiator fans connected to the splitter and the sata power cable attached as per the instructions.


I have installed corsair link.


Radiator is installed on the top of the case.


Mobo Qfan is set to 100%/Manual on the CPU.


The temperatures all seems normal / good. Around 28-30C idle.


I attempted to record the noise but it seems my phone wasn't great at picking it up, nevertheless:


Recording from inside the case, with mic next to pump.




Recording from outside the case, switching between Performance to Quiet, to Performance again.




Any ideas if this is normal / air bubbles / faulty pump?

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Hi, sorry those links were to the wrong page:









The videos arent great, hard to record, but its a lot more noticeable in person.



I will take it out and give it a shake if it will help, do you mean the entire unit, i.e remove completely and rotate/shake?



Here is a couple pictures of the orientation:




Its quite hard to get a good view inside the case so let me know if this is insuffocoemt and ill take better ones

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Thank you for the info. It looks like there are some tension on those tubes. Try installing the block right side up instead of having it upside down. While re-positioning the block, i recommend holding the tubes at the base to prevent any tension from breaking the barbs.
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Some additional Info:



I rotated the heatsink so the Corsair logo was the correct way up:




note: plugged in the usb link and 4 pin cpu after taking this picture


And I attempted to record the noise again, but again I think its very difficult ot hear:





The noise hasnt changed, and there is a very noticeable hgih pitched noise when using corsair link to change it to "quiet mode" on the pump

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Ok Further update, sorry for double post:


I unplugged the 2 fans and the grinding sound stopped. So that solves that issue. It's odd that regardless of fan speed the grinding sound stays the same but oh well.



The pump itself is easier to diagnose when the fans are off as the case is near silent. In 'Quiet' mode, it makes a hissing sound, and in performance mode it makes a louder drone, but not overly loud. It can still be heard when all fans are turned down however.


Overall im glad the louder buzzing seems to be coming from one of the fans, which can be replaced. If the hissing is normal for the pump then I think im happy.

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